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The Merry Widow

Composed by Franz Lehár

Directed by Eva Rose Cavadini

Conducted by Jameson Cooper

In collaboration with Vesper Chorale conducted by Jeshua Franklin

Artistic Director Emanuel Cristian-Caraman



Paris, 1900. The Pontevedrian ambassador, Baron Mirko Zeta, is giving a ball at the embassy. His home country is nearly bankrupt, and he hopes that their Parisian guests will help them raise the money they need. He’s pleased when he sees his young wife, Valencienne, flirting with Camille de Rosillon, a young Frenchman, assuming she’s trying to win French support for Pontevedro. In fact, Camille has declared his love for Valencienne and writes “I love you” on her fan. Zeta eagerly awaits the arrival of the guest of honor, Hanna Glawari, a wealthy Pontevedrian widow. He plans to get Danilo Danilovitch, a womanizing aristocrat and the embassy secretary, to marry her so that her millions will stay in Pontevedro.



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