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Our American Odyssey 

Composer: Marjorie Rusche

Artistic Director: Emanuel Cristian-Caraman

OUR AMERICAN ODYSSEY is inspired by Homer's THE ODYSSEY and the currents of our time, blending the worlds of mythological and modern men and women. Odysseus journeys from an ancient world of battle to become a Wall Street profiteer who slays the monster Cyclops on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. He then journeys to Circe's Malibu Spiritual Retreat and Calypso's Cayman Islands luxury resort before he returns to his true home. Penelope, while beset with grief for the loss of Odysseus, heroically strategizes to get rid of the harassing suitors led by the bully Antinous, telepathically reconnects with Odysseus in Circe's Malibu Spiritual Retreat, and aids her fiber arts studio assistant Clea with her immigration issues. Reunited, Penelope and Odysseus vow to rebuild a safe, loving home and flourishing society in Ithaca (aka America).

The music is lyric, dramatic, and comic; a contemporary opera/music theater/minimalism/world music blend.


Taking on the role of Penelope will be Mary Martin. Odysseus will be interpreted by TBA, while Cyclops, Circe, and Calypso will be interpreted by Carl Ratner, Elizabeth Schleicher, and Eleni Taluzek, respectively. Rounding out the cast will be Emma Sorensen as Clea. 

Ellis Anderson will be at the piano. 

Meet The Cast

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