Emanuel-Cristian Caraman

Artistic Director

As of 2016, Mr. Caraman is the general and artistic director of South Bend Lyric Opera in South Bend, Indiana.

​In 2017, Mr. Caraman was the recipient of the Michiana 40 under 40 recognition award, conferred by South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce.

​In May of 2018, Mr. Caraman, received the American Prize Oratorio Award, for an outstanding vocal symphonic artist.

​Mr. Caraman received his doctorate in music from National Music University in Bucharest, under Professor Doctor Grigore Constantinescu, with the thesis, American Vocal Music of the 20th Century.

​As of 2018, Mr. Caraman is the Visiting Assistant Professor of Music in Voice at Indiana University at South Bend.

Emanuel-Cristian Caraman