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Quin Wezeman

Don Ottavio Cover

Quin Wezeman is a Tenor currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in vocal performance at IUSB, studying under acclaimed international tenor, Emanuel-Cristian Caraman.

Recently Quin has been seen performing with South Bend Lyric Opera as Flora'a Servant in La Traviata, and as a chorus member in their productions of Rigoletto, and Cavalleria Rusticana. In addition to the South Bend Lyric Opera, Quin has also performed in Art 4’s production of Songs for a New World.

Alongside his theatrical and Operatic side of the stage, Quin has also been heavily active in the Indie music scene, performing festivals and concerts extensively with the band The Dream Eels, and is currently performing with his latest band Naive Joy.

Quin Wezeman
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