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Cavalleria Rusticana


Cast & Creative


Pietro Mascagni

Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni to an Italian libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci, adapted from an 1880 short story of the same name, and subsequent play by Giovanni Verga.

Place: Nightfall, IN

Time: Easter morning, 1946

In the opening scene, Turiddu is heard praising Lola. Santuzza witnesses Lola’s joy upon hearing Turiddu’s song. Set on Easter Sunday, 1946, in the quaint coal mining town of Nightfall, IN, in the first weeks of the coal miners’ labor strike that rocked the nation.  The people of the town support the strike, and the Salvator Mining Company has all but closed the company town down – no supplies, no electricity, no pay; the people of Nightfall are rallying to get through this time together however they can in the midst of an unseasonal heat wave. Alfio enters, extolling the pleasures of his wandering life as a wagoner and boasting publicly of his love for Lola and of her fidelity.

Santuzza leaves her house to go to Easter Mass, but she is prevented from entering the church. She has been excommunicated for her affair with Turiddu. Santuzza confides in Mamma Lucia, telling her all that has happened. When Turridu arrives, Santuzza accosts him. He tries in vain to deny his affair with Lola, when she purposefully passes in front of them, leading to a caustic exchange between the two women. Santuzza and Turiddu engage in a storm of recriminations, before Santuzza curses him. Horrified and afraid, Turiddu breaks away and goes into church.

Santuzza reveals to Alfio that his wife has been unfaithful to him, before realizing that Alfio’s fury will doom them all. As worshippers emerge from church, Turiddu publicly toasts Lola’s “loves.”  Alfio and Turiddu agree to a duel. To shield Santuzza from future recrimination, Turiddu tells everyone that he had promised to marry her to restore her honor. Turiddu bids farewell to his mother and leaves. Santuzza delivers the news that Turiddu has been killed.

Cast & Creative



Anne Fuchs – Soprano



Emanuel-Cristian Caraman – Tenor


Eleni Taluzek – Mezzo-Soprano


Benjamin Ganger – Baritone,



Lauren Lundy – Mezzo-Soprano

Town's People

Emily Sullivan – Soprano

Brittney Hale – Soprano

Tessa Pauls – Soprano

Jessica Carter – Mezzo-Soprano

Quin Wezeman – Tenor

Ben Ganger – Baritone and Alfio Cover

George Zielke - Baritone

Off Stage Chorus

Vesper Chorale

Creative Team

Justin Amelio-Ashbrook – Stage Director


Jameson Cooper – Conductor

Mariah Boucher – SBLO Music Director

Jeshua Franklin – Vesper Chorale Music Director


Damen Mroczek – Set Designer

Coley Mroczek – Stage Manager

Emily Chidalek – Costume Designer

Tim Hanson - Lights Designer

Mya Piccione - Assistant Stage Director

Juan Carlos Alarcon - Assistant Conductor

Jen Kazmierczak - Supertitles Designer


Hannah Counsellor – Graphic Designer


Rami M. Sadek – Executive Producer


Emanuel-Cristian Caraman – Artistic Director

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